Find your ideal job in the video game industry with this awesome flowchart

When we were kids the mere idea that we could potentially work in the video game industry would have blown our tiny minds. At a young age you never think that working in an industry that makes the stuff you spend countless hours caring about could be a reality for you. Well, at least I didn’t.

As a tot I figured that I’d be destined to get an office job, wear a tie and my passion for video games would dwindle. Fortunately, only one of those things is true! (I work in an office). Video games are riding a constant crescendo. As a vehicle of narrative and entertainment, TV and movies can’t keep up. Especially with the growth of the Indie game industry over the last five years.


The video game industry won’t be slowing it’s development any time soon, making it the perfect time to jump in, even as a graduate. You don’t even need to be particularly good at games anymore to enjoy them, or even work on them. Nor do you need to be a programming genius, there are a wealth of alternative careers that almost everyone get involved with.

The prerequisite for working in this field is an undying passion for the electronic arts. This satirical and mildly offensive flowchart from indie studio Sharkbomb walks you through all the routes your gaming career could take – from bitter game critic to sound designer.

My route went something like this: I don’t really love money and I don’t really have exceptional talent…I don’t consider myself bitter about it leading me to ‘Game Reviewer’. I’m a writer already so at least I can say I’m on track!

Image credit: Sharkbomb

Image credit: Sharkbomb

Side note: of course this flowchart is an exaggeration and, at times, a bit politically incorrect. However it does paint a frighteningly accurate picture of the facets of the video game industry ranging from the creatively flourishing to the shallow marketing strategies. It takes all sorts so don’t let this deter you from getting into the most exciting entertainment industry of our lifetimes.