3 things everyone who has been fired wish they’d known at the time

Getting fired doesn’t seem like a real possibility to a lot of people until it’s actually happening. In our heads we imagine it as an intense battle of quips that fizzles out to a stern: “hand in your gun and your badge, you’re off the force…” However, in non-fictional life, it’s more distant and business like.

And we can’t spin getting fired into an affirming crossroads, it sucks and will always suck. It’s guaranteed to knock your confidence but could result in a better decisions moving forward.

But you guys know all this stuff. Laura Mills from The Muse did as well – it just didn’t make a lick of difference when it happened to her. She said that her main realisation was that she learnt that wasn’t nearly as vital as she thought she was.

As a result of being laid off after working nearly 30 years at the same company, Mills has written a three point piece that hinges on hindsight. Here are Laura’s “I Wish I Had Knowns” about being fired. It might come in handy later…

1. “I wish I had known I was dispensable”

You might be the hardest worker in the office but until you’re hiring and firing, your job is always on the line. Knowing that you can go everyday will either make you strive to stay above water or give up entirely. If you choose the latter option your fate is pretty much sealed anyway – at least for now.

2. “I wish I had known I’d enjoy doing something new”

We all love comfort. Routine comes very natural to us and is its own mundane sort of ecstasy. However, new experiences are what make living so great. Being fired forces the opportunity to try something new upon you – it might feel wrong at first but over time, you can grow fond of pretty much anything.

3. “I wish I had known that not being okay, is okay”

People try so hard to shake off firings like they’re no big deal, but they shouldn’t do that. Of course you can’t wallow forever but don’t make light of the situation – for your sanity.