4 reasons EVERYBODY should start wearing T-Shirts to work

T-shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing in any given person’s wardrobe. There, I said it. Now I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of fashion and clothing can be measured on a sub-atomic scale and you shouldn’t take advice from someone who was floored by an infographic that matched suits to shoes. However, what I do know is T-shirts.

Unless you work in some uptight industry like accounting or any other fat-cattery, you would have found more and more people wearing tees to work than ever. The days of suits and ties are over. A t-shirt is the peak in comfort, expression and utility.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t care about workwear. If you have a meeting or important lunch, then 100% dress the part. But this is dedicated to those who feel ashamed to wear your favourite tee to work for fear of being unprofessional.

I call for death to pretension and a new dawn of professionally accepted t-shirts!

1. Affordable as heck

There’s a huge assumption that all young people update their wardrobe on a monthly basis. There’s no gender lenience in this assumption, it’s just an umbrella generalisation. But consider that myth busted. Suitwear is silly expensive and so is keeping it in good nick. A good T-shirt can be bought for between £10 and £25. Economically it makes sense to wear them most days, especially for cash-strapped graduates.

2. They destroy the hierarchy 

If you can identify the hierarchy with one glance at an office it means that ego is driving the company more than teamwork. Suitwear is an obvious leveller because of the degrees of expense it can range in. A T-shirt creates no unnecessary division. Of course some people make more money than others, but the office isn’t the place to show that off.

3. Express yourself

The variety of designs and colours T-shirts come in mean you can actually dress according to your personality. As long as they’re tasteful, you can embrace some individualism – something not many places of work allow you to do.

4. Ultimate icebreaker

Compounding the expressing and levelling nature of T-shirts means that you can actually kickstart friendships based on what’s on your clothing. Rocking that Captain America tee, you might bump into someone in the kitchen who loved the new Civil War movie. Woah, you just made a new best friend!