Our Euro squad could learn a thing or two from UK workers… here’s why

First off, congratulations England! Bad luck Wales! It was a bit touch-and-go there for a while but we pulled through. The Euros are in full swing and the football community is a-buzz. That said, a new study has found that that the average UK office team are far superior in terms of organisation than our Euro squad.

Categorising each type of worker and Euro squad member into an archetype for the sake of comparison, the study commissioned by Deliveroo revealed that 30% of office workers in the UK consider themselves ‘The Workhouse’, a role that would fit midfielder James Milner, for instance.

Speaking on the study, a spokesperson at Deliveroo said: “Cultivating a successful office team is a delicate balancing act, not unlike assembling a winning football squad”.

euro squad

Image credit: RexFeatures

Regarding teamwork both in the Euros and the office, psychologist Robbie Anderson said this: “The challenge of building any effective team is to balance ambition and stability. Top level athletes have the ability to understand their role, and also to manage their own emotional levels on the day.”

Here is the official list of common office roles, how many people (on average identify with them) and who on the Euro squad these roles are closest to:

‘The Safe Pair Of Hands’ – 44% – Joe Hart

‘The Lynchpin’ – 32% – Jamie Vardy

‘The Workhorse’ – 30% – James Milner

‘The Solid Support’ – 23% – Gary Cahill
‘The Organiser’ – 15% – Dele Alli
‘The Dogsbody’ – 11% – Danny Rose
‘The Loner’ – 9% – John Stones

‘The Last-Minute Wonder’ – 8% – Eric Dier

‘The Boss’ – 8% – Wayne Rooney

‘The Slacker’ – 7% – Raheem Sterling

‘The Social Butterfly’ – 5% – Daniel Sturridge

euro squad

Image credit: RexFeatures 

Deliveroo were also good enough to compile all of this research in an easy to understand infographic. You can learn as much about UK office dynamics like, for example, 13% of people have beef with their boss, as you can about football fans like, for example, a fifth of the survey sample booked a day off to watch England v Wales!

euro squad

Image credit: Deliveroo