The Five Things You Need In Your Bag For Your *Crazy* Commuter Delays

If you’ve been out of the loop, Southern Rail trains have flown off the side of the cliff. Not literally but, if you look at the state of the service, that wouldn’t be a ridiculous presumption. As of Monday the 8th August, a five day walk out will begin that will cancel 946 trains across the board.

As with all public transport delays, things are obviously going to get nutty. Expect shoving, pushing, gnashing, complaining, cursing and weeping as civilised society breaks down one commuter at a time.

If you don’t use Southern Rail, heed this warning in advance. When the commuter delays strike, you need to be prepared and having these things in your bag will make all the difference…

1. A Frozen Bottle Of Water

Rail companies have finally clocked that if passengers don’t have water on hot days they sometimes inconviently pass out. Instead of providing free water during summer delays they’ve done something nearly as good by putting up signs telling you that when it’s hot, you should drink water.

Helpful as always, rail companies, but we’ve got it from here.

Stick a bottle of water in the freezer either at home or in the office. By the time you need a drink, your water would have partly defrosted leaving a cool, refreshing bottle that can be used for hydration and cooling your forehead/back of your neck.

2. USB Phone Fan

This is the kind of ingenuity Leonardo Di Vinci was working towards. Costing a couple of quid, this cool blaster plugs into any micro USB (you can get IPhone versions too) and delivers a respite from the stinky carriage air.

phone fan

Image credit: Amazon

3. Extra Data On Your Phone

Getting home on time is overrated anyway… the point is, even if you got home on time, you’d spend the evening watching Netflix anyway. Why should your location stop you binging your favourite shows? Buy some extra data and session Netflix on your phone while you wait for your train to (maybe) show up.

4. Power Bank

Similarly, having power on your phone makes all the difference when you’re stuck between stations. Don’t get caught on a platform with nothing to do but watch the notice board extend your delay minute by minute.

power bank

Image credit: Amazon

5. Back-Up Snacks

Southern Rail aren’t going to like you when you’re hangry….