The essential beauty products to wear to an interview ?

Let’s be honest now. A job interview is not the time for mistakes. Especially not one relating to your beauty look, which you can nail before you arrive at the office. You’ll feel far more confident if you know you look polished and appropriate, and you can leave your worrying for the actual grilling part.

We’re discussing all things job interview beauty so you can look your absolute best for the big event.

A lip revelation

A red lip is more Cannes than canteen. More Met Ball than meeting room. You get the red carpet references. Basically, corporate settings don’t lend themselves to a red lip. So avoid. Even a hot pink or a deep burgundy is best left for another occasion.

Instead try this Lipstick Queen Chinatown pencil in Cameo. Why? Well it goes on as a gloss, but has all the precision of a lip balm – perfect for a last minute application before you head into your interview, and you won’t be left with an over-gloss/lipstick-on-teeth trauma.

 Lipstick Queen beauty

Image Credit: Lipstick Queen

Beauty balance

You need to get the right balance between good coverage that conceals, and a non-cakey look. Think of the middle point between Jane Eyre and Kim Kardashian. If that exists…but for a job interview, that’s the look you need to aim for.

This Clarins foundation is a potent blend of minerals and plant extracts (so a nice helping hand to blemish-prone skin) and it contains pink opal powder microbeads which blur and perfect the skin, without looking too heavy.


Image Credit: Clarins

Put the green eyeliner down

So, you’ve seen something like this and you’re thinking, wow. A job interview, much like a first date, is not the time to experiment. Go for fail safe nudes and if in doubt, keep your look as stripped back as possible and go for only a sweep of black/brown liner if you must. As beaut as this model looks, you’re just not that versatile. Joking! No, this is just a look for your apres-interview celebratory drinks rather than the actual main event.


Image Credit: Rex Features

Strobe and glow

Looking glowy and dewy is the dream, right? Well this MAC Strobe Cream is the answer. It’s a light moisturiser that boosts dull skin and elevates it to illuminated heights. Honestly! It will make you look really fresh and awake which is exactly the look you need to be going for at a job interview.


Image Credit: MAC