Five Crucial Errors Interns Make Without Realising It

It’s a hard-knock life for interns these days. You put yourself out there, take minimal to zero pay and hold out for a job offer that hasn’t crossed your supervisors mind once. For you, being an intern is a big deal; for everyone else in the office, you’re just another intern in a revolving door. You really need to make an impression to stand out.

Since internships are the new graduate jobs, breaking through the job market has an extra obstacle now. Interns often take one of two routes: they either keep their heads down, be courteous and just get on with the work whereas others try and transition into the office environment like they’ve been their for years. Both can be problematic.

We’ve got a wealth of great internship tips but today we’re looking at the crucial errors interns can make without realising.

1. Over-sharing

Everybody wants to be personable and show that they’re not a threat but overzealous sharing can be intimidating too. Be reserved and maybe share something about yourself if the context of the conversation allows for it. You might think you’re interesting but not everyone will.

2. Assuming

There’s a huge difference between initiative and making assumptions. If someone has asked you to do something and you don’t fully understand but do it your way regardless, that’s assuming. If someone has asked you to do something and you take extra steps to streamline the process, that’s initiative.

3. Loyalty

Okay, fair is fair, being an intern doesn’t mean you have to commit your life to a company that doesn’t pay you much. However, staff should have put time and effort into training you and making the experience as good for you as possible. It’s a real bad-move to jump ship at an inopportune time for something marginally better.

4. Unresponsive

Not every internship you get is going to be a winner. Unlike terrible jobs, terrible internships have expiry dates. You don’t have to stay any longer than what the position was advertised as. Be the model employee even if you hate it because the benefits of a reference are worth lying through your teeth for a few weeks.

5. Taking holiday

A few days here and there is totally fine, however, if you’re taking a two week holiday in the middle of your one month internship – you’re honestly beyond help.