The Engine Doctors: The mechanic job you never knew existed

Mechanics have the reputation for being hard-headed but knowledgable workers. So well-versed in how vehicles work it’s comparable to that of a medical doctor. However, the comparison has never resonated as much as it does when you realise there is literally a league of ‘Engine Doctors’ working in the world right now.

Working for Ford, these highly skilled brain-boxes don’t test the quality of an engine in production by using high-tech analytic software, they use stethoscopes and their ear canals.

Using sound-proofed cells, these engine doctors get up close and personal with Ford engines running them through rigorous quality tests and a strict criteria to identify even the smallest of issues. After months of training, these petrol-headed diagnosticians can pick up on any imperfections in less than a minute.

It goes to show that maybe the human senses are the most accurately tuned pieces of hardware we have available to us. Speaking on the engine doctors, Ford’s vice president of quality said: “This team knows what a perfectly calibrated engine sounds like and they know the tiny sounds to listen for in case there is a problem.”

He continued, “think of it like a doctor who has the most advanced diagnostic technology but still uses a stethoscope to gather vital clues to a patient’s health.”


Engine Doctors