The 9 types of employees – which one are you?

A lot of young people find office spaces a little rigid; everything has to fit into categories or types and that's just, like, not cool, man. Unfortunately, managers need to be able to group people and treat them certain ways to get the most productivity out of their employees. There's a hard worker in all of those, given the right motivation.

Most of the time, the correct motivation is never on offer. As The Guardian reports, “evidence suggests success and happiness is determined by whether your individual motivators are being met, and that’s not necessarily all about the money“.

According to ‘motivational expert’ James Sale, there are nine types of employees with their own set of motivators. Find out which one you are below!

1. The Defender

This worker is fond of routine, predictability and stability. They like their roles laid out for them and constant communication to make sure they are doing their job accurately and they will be loyal.

2. The Friend

This person is looking for team-work to the extreme. They are motivated by fulfilling relationships and a strong team ethos. They are motivated when they feel supported and involved.

3. The Star

This was the kid that always had his or her hand up in class. They need visible perks that contribute to their hierarchical position. They feel motivated by status, publicity and recognition.

4. The Builder

This person is motivated by their life outside of work or, at least, improving their quality of life. They excel with the promise of financial reward and the chance to make even more money.

5. The Director

They seek power and control over other people. They like to delegate and are motivated by the promise of more responsibility. Even if they have a nonsense job title, it’s enough to sate their ego.

6. The Expert

This employee is trying to carve the model employee out of themselves. They seek knowledge, mastery and specialisation and are motivated by the chances for training and development.

7. The Creator

This worker seeks innovation, change and opportunities for creativity. They like problem solving and brainstorming to prove their ability to come up with new ideas. This worker doesn’t like routine roles and can quickly become demotivated.

8. The Searcher

They’re looking to ‘make a difference’ – whatever that means to them. Their top motivations are praise and regular feedback and knowing that their work is being appreciated.

9. The Spirit

This person is looking for freedom, autonomy and independence. These types like flexible working, in short.