Elon Musk, the world’s most successful man, has released a CV (take notes, people!)

Scour the internet for CV ideas and templates all you want, the best way to learn about writing a great CV is by examining those of people who have already gone and gotten jobs with them. The kind of people who spend time designing CV templates don’t tend to have jobs, so don’t take their advice whole-heartedly, take Elon Musk’s.

The man has changed what it means to innovate. Just think about everything Musk has added to the electronic payments industry, the solar energy market, the development of electric cars and his work successfully launching a commercial space and rocket industry.

Keep that in your mind as you design your CV. Think about what you’re saying when you tell yourself it’s impossible to fit all of your accomplishments onto one page. Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and rightly so! However, if Elon Musk can fit his entire CV onto one page, so can you.

Well, not Elon Musk himself, Novoresume on his behalf. The CV design experts demonstrated their less-is-more concept by mocking up Musk’s CV on one page, reports Business Insider. Check it out below.

Image credit: NovaResume

Image credit: NovaResume

The point this exercise is trying to prove is that despite all your worldly achievements, you never need more than one page to advertise yourself. With some clever design and prioritised information, you can fit 20 years of innovation onto one page.

The page is clear, concise and spacious and yet delivers an impressive amount of information. On a screen this CV looks great and, in this day and age, you shouldn’t worry too much about how the page looks printed out. Your employer will give it an once-over at best so make that glance count!

Just as a side-note, I love that they’ve included “extra-terrestial life” in the Interests section. No-one in the history of ever has ever written that down and got the job (well, apart from at NASA).