StartUp of the Week: GeoOrbital turns ANY bike electric (think of your commute!)

Another Monday, another moment to reflect on the awesome happenings in the world of start-ups. At the top of every week we take some time to unearthing the best products, apps, ideas and innovations that are looking for funding. This week we’re looking at the GeoOrbital bike wheel that can turn any cycle electric – think of how this changes your commute!

If you need reminding what an Orbital Wheel can do, I heartily recommend watching the highly cheesy/entertaining 1982 Tron film. However, that’s one part of the future they got right – we finally can ride our commuter bikes
Boris’ bikes look prehistoric as you whizz past all those sweaty pedallers struggling to get past an amber light. You can accelerate up to 20 miles per hour in just six seconds – faster if you want to work your legs at the same time.

So how will this alter your commute? Well, for one, you’ll arrive at work without a flop sweat and sore thighs; you’ll also be able to leave for work a lot later. Since the wheel is technically attached to a bicycle, there’s no need to any insurance or licensing (but this is subject to change!).

Other cool features include a flat-proof foam tire, an USB outlet for charging your phone or bike lights and all-wheel drive.

The days of inconvenient commuting are over as the GeoOrbital sweeps the world. At time of writing, this wheel’s Kickstarter has $738,102 of it’s $75,000 goal with a month left on the clock! Unbelievable!