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How to effectively pack for a weekend away

“Weekend trips are essential to having a great summer but the packing part can be a daunting task. In this video we show you some quick and easy tips to make packing for these getaways much easier.” Write Elite Daily who have bravely attempted to tackle the impossible. Trying to perfect the weekend pack.

Everyone has different approaches. I value socks and pants over all. As long as I have my phone charger and a change of underwear, I’m completely fine with bringing whatever else. Others think hard about what clothes they’re bringing and what outfits they’ll need.

What we can all agree, however, is that packing can be an absolute nightmare at the best of times. You don’t want to pack too much but being underprepared sounds worse than that.

This guide has some really helpful tips to take some inspiration from:

  • Pack clothes that are interchangeable. Don’t bring anything that doesn’t have more than one use, it’s a space waster and we don’t have time for this amateur like behaviour.
  • Roll clothes up to save space. People love folding and trying to create Tetris style solutions but the cylindrical approach works much better in the long run.
  • Use little containers like pill boxes and tiny Tupperware to hold small items like jewellery. You don’t want this kind of stuff rolling around in your suitcase but don’t waste precious space on large boxes!

So there you have it (kinda). There is no perfect way to pack, there’s not even an okay way. But as long as you keep at it and don’t forget the important stuff you should be alright.

Happy travels!