3 ways to use social media to get yourself a job

LinkedIn is a great tool for finding a job, connecting with professionals you admire and showing off your experience. But what about the other social media sites? Could they also help you in your pursuit of a job?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all really useful sites for finding employment, in ways you may never have even thought of. Here are the dos and don’ts you need to know about. Happy job hunting!

1. Facebook

One in seven people worldwide are now on Facebook. Let that sink in for a minute. ONE IN SEVEN! With so many millions of people on the site, it could be one of your most useful tools for finding employment. Facebook gives you the power to search people and often see the jobs they have, much like LinkedIn, but it also has more to offer you.

DO use it to track down the names of people you are contacting regarding jobs. Putting “Dear sir/madam” doesn’t look nearly as good as taking the time to find out who exactly you are writing to. Facebook is the perfect tool for this. DO “like” any companies that you are interested in and be engaged and involved with any conversations on there about industry movements and trends. DO fill out your career history and add details about your experience. DO find networking connections and make the most of joining job-relevant groups. DON’T be afraid to chat to people, any insight that you gain into a company is valuable and useful.

2. Twitter

Twitter is an amazing resource for searching for jobs. Job websites are great but Twitter can show you openings straight from the employer’s mouth (or computer). DO delete your past tweets and start afresh if you feel you need to, much like designer DKNY’s PR account did recently. Twit Wipe can delete all your tweets for you so you can start over again and not worry about being embarrassed by something you said years ago.

DO follow companies you would like to work for so you will be in the know about their news and latest developments. DO tweet interesting articles; this will make you look enthusiastic and well-read. DON’T ever tweet someone directly asking them for a job. Be subtle but professional on Twitter and your digital footprint will be squeaky clean and super employable.

3. Instagram

Use your profile to show any employer who looks how creative and passionate you are. Instagram is a window employers can look through into your personality so make use of it. DO use the site to “stalk” people before going to a job interview, it could provide you with some good talking points. DON’T post anything unprofessional as you don’t want to be remembered as “the girl who posted a picture of her… [insert something horrifically embarrassing]”.

Now what?