5 different types of video CVs to take inspiration from

When applying to jobs, one of the easiest ways to get yourself noticed is to have an eye-catching CV, and what better way to show off your lovely face and whopping credentials through the medium of video CVs!

Lots of companies now prefer or even require video CVs, especially if the role requires a lot of personable work. Even if they don’t, attaching a well-produced showreel to your application will let the employer really get a feel for your personality and potential.

A video CV doesn’t necessarily have to replace your paper one but can in fact compliment it. This works especially well if you’re the only candidate that thought of it.

If you’re looking for some video CV inspiration, check out these five diverse but equally awesome video CVs.

1. Interactive CV – Graeme Anthony

2. Animated CV – Dai Duong Tran

3. The Third Person CV – Alex There

4. The Timeline CV – Mark Leruste

5. The Rap CV – Etienne