The busy girl’s guide: Beauty products you can apply in seconds

Being able to check your appearance isn’t that easy to do in an office or university environment. Whipping out a mirror in a lecture isn’t the most acceptable thing to do. But what if you absolutely need a quick touch up, but you’ve only got seconds to do it in?

Well we’ve found the best beauty products to wear that will give you fast results in those few seconds when you are in a mad rush and only have your phone’s camera as a mirror. We’re all after minimal effort, maximum results aren’t we?!

Pür Cosmetics Cameo Contour

Every now and again a product comes along that makes me go “wow, how did I live without this before?” This contour stick is just that. It makes contouring a doddle, seriously! Just draw the cream formula on your face to highlight and shade the areas you want and then blend with the sponge. Once blended the creamy texture turns into a powder finish that won’t smudge – so easy!


Image Credit: Pür Cosmetics

Elemis British Botanical Hand And Nail Butter


Image Credit: Elemis

Aveda Brilliant Shine On Spray

Air-conditioning can make your hair frizzy and dry. In an office environment the only way to combat this is by using a shine spray to inject some moisture back into your mane. This spray from Aveda contains an oil that adds sleekness without weight. It works best sprayed onto a brush and then worked through the hair, so keep a little brush in your desk drawer too!


Image Credit: Aveda

Burberry Full Kisses

Lipstick can be a right faff to get right when you’re in a rush, but not this one from Burberry. It’s really easy to apply (they claim it to be ‘mistake-proof’ and it actually is) AND it’s not too pigmented that it’s going to go all over your mouth/teeth (not a good look!).


Image Credit: Burberry

Caudalie Grape Spray with the Foreo Luna Play

You only have seconds so you won’t be reapplying your foundation at your desk ( we doubt anyway!) so instead use a make-up refresher instead. I LOVE spraying a little of this Caudalie Grape Water onto my Foreo Luna Play and massaging it over my face. Doing this over make-up brightens your complexion and removes the duller surface layers of your foundation that have been on for hours already, without stripping your face altogether.

It’s a little trick I learnt from a professional and it honestly makes your whole face look brighter! The Foreo Luna Play is of course amazing to cleanse with in the evenings but if you want a little touch up, pop it in your handbag and use it like this!


Image Credit: Caudalie

Image Credit: Foreo

Image Credit: Foreo