20 ways to design the perfect StartUp logo

In today’s exceedingly visual society having a strong brand can make all the difference between a successful venture and a car-crash. That’s why StartUp logos have to be brilliant. You might have a bona fide marketing plan but it ain’t worth squat unless you’ve got visual brand/startup logo to back it up with.

As we wrote previously, the impermanence of startups makes logo designing a tricky endeavour. You need a startup logo that will be able to expand and grow with your company.

However, we’re getting ahead ourselves here. You first need to learn how to design a decent logo.

This infographic from Dubai Monsters is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about designing a great startup logo. Between knowing your target audience, avoiding unnecessary details, staying relevant in your industry and choosing your colours wisely.

Here are some gems of wisdom that this all-knowing infographic can impart upon any entrepreneurs out there struggling with logo design.

Avoid unnecessary details

Don’t over complicate you logo. You want it to suggest what your product or service does but a complex logo that has a million things going on will just end up alienating your fan base.

Choose colours wisely

A good colour scheme can go as far as literally reinvading a global figure like Santa Claus – that’s what happened with Coca-Cola. Pick a simple colour scheme that creates some association to your start-up.

Consistency is key

“Your logo should look consistent across the web, social media and different marketing collateral. It must reflect similar feel regardless of its background and platform”.

Don’t follow the trend

You should design your logo so it’s appropriate with your industry but that doesn’t necessarily mean following the trend blindly. Fads come and go so regularly that it’d be impossible to try and adapt to every single one.

startup logo

Image credit: Dubai Monsters