4 ways to deal with people you don’t like at work

In an ideal world we would get on with everyone that we work with. Everyone would be kind, fun, considerate and friendly. However if Mean Girls – one of our favourite films – taught us anything, it’s that some people just aren’t very nice.

So if you’re stuck working with them, here’s how to deal.

1. Be civil

That means no Mean Girls-style cat fights. You may hate this person but don’t let that show. If you are outright rude it will only reflect negatively on you. Develop a good poker face if necessary and hold your tongue.

2. Compose yourself

Some people can do and say the most annoying things. If your blood is boiling you need to take a little time and compose yourself. Take a deep breath and try and ignore them.

Image Credit: Rex Features

Image Credit: Rex Features

3. Manage expectations

Ask yourself one question – are you expecting too much of this person? Do you hate them because you think they are useless at their job but actually you should be empathising with them instead and trying to see things from their point of view? You shouldn’t expect people to act and behave in the same way that you do. Try and step into their shoes and you might decide that you don’t actually hate them after all.

4. If all else fails, get some space

Smart people know that they need to keep some space between themselves and those that they don’t like at work. Sit apart from them if that helps the situation. Distance and perspective might make you feel a whole lot better about the situation.