4 ways to deal with (shudders) moving back home

So, uni’s out for summer – or perhaps forever – and you’re insanely excited about a summer of total freedom ahead. Except one problem… you forgot about moving back home and having your every move monitored by watchful parents.

Here’s how to deal to keep your (relatively) stress free summer when moving back home.

Words: Susannah Keogh

1. Be considerate

It’s easy to rock back up, dump your stuff and carry on as you were at uni, playing by your own rules. This isn’t uni, though, it’s your family home and for the sake of an easy life, abide by your parent’s rules. That means not treating them as paid skivvies or using them as the bank of Mum and Dad.

Don’t also make the mistake of thinking the whole world revolves around you; whilst you were at uni, your parents must have been mourning your loss everyday, right? Wrong. Sorry to break it to you, but life must go on.

2. Contribute

Unless you’re working during the holidays, you’ll either be lounging around or looking for a graduate job. To keep busy and stave off boredom, offer to contribute something to the household. You could pick up younger siblings from school, or just offer to cook dinner a few nights a week. After all, every little helps. Word of warning, though- save the weird student delicacies (pasta and ketchup?) for another time. Play it safe with something tried and tested.

3. Time out

Get your own space to retain your independence and stop you all killing each other. Whether that’s a part time job, volunteering or meeting up with old friends, make sure you motivate yourself so your dream summer doesn’t just turn into one long Netflix binge in your old room.

4. Perspective

Remember, living at home isn’t forever- it’s only temporary, so don’t get down and demotivated. Try to make the most of this time with your family (whilst frantically counting down the days until you move out.)