Dating 101: Is It Ever OK To Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Advertorial feature with Badoo

How to avoid those (awks) online dating scenarios…

We think it’s fair to say that online dating can be a tricky business, right?

In our swipe-happy culture, it can sometimes seem impossible to make a valued and heartfelt connection with someone (ugh, those cringe-worthy first WhatsApp conversations when you realise Matt, 25, Croydon, is actually a weirdo with a sock fetish), which is why when we do find that perfect profile it can come as a shock to find out that ‘someone’ is actually a friend’s ex.

Come on, we know you wouldn’t knowingly try and match with a mate’s past love, but sometimes the profiles don’t have all the correct info, agreed?


Ding, ding, ding. Are those alarm bells ringing?

Suddenly, a situation that would normally have us hitting the BLOCK button is now creating all kinds of ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ scenarios in our head.

‘How long did they date?’

‘Ok, they owned a dog together, but that doesn’t mean they were 100% serious.’

‘Surely she doesn’t have to know…’

Stop, right there sister.

Notch that ringer volume up to high (as in, loud enough to drag yourself out of bed for that gruesome 7am HIIT class), and listen up.

Dating your friend’s ex is ALWAYS going to cause problems (hashtag, reality), which is why we’re all looking for a dating app that eliminates this weirdness altogether.

Enter Badoo.

Now before you eye-roll so hard you knock those eyeliner flicks off-kilter (whispering ‘not another one’ into your flat white), Badoo just happens to be the biggest dating app in the world with a staggering 360 million users worldwide.

Open and inclusive to everyone, Badoo is jam-packed full of fetch features that’ll give you complete freedom of choice, including showing friends in common on guys’ profiles to help avoid any potential pal’s ex matches. Badoo also happen to be working on a brand new ‘friends of friends’ feature (coming soon) for further ex protection.

Yep, no more awks match situations.

There are also features such as ‘bumped into’ that lets you know when potential matches are close by, or simply change the search location in the People Nearby tab — Badoo is the only app that lets you do this for free —because there’s much less chance of finding an ex further afield.

Why not try the ‘find your celebrity crush’ feature which uses facial recognition technology to match you with your very own Leonardo DiCaprio (swoon), and if stalking is your thing, Badoo’s rich profiles allow you to view social media links, job and interests information.

And because we’re all sick of fake profiles (amen), Badoo makes safety and security their number one priority. A blue tick means the profile you’ve matched with has been verified by a phone number or social account, and the app’s clever face recognition technology also guarantees that the person you’re chatting to is real, making catfishing a thing of the past.

So before you put yourself at the mercy of your BFF’s wrath, let Badoo make sure you’re not matching with her ex BF online. Because that’s just not cool, girl.

Plus, there really are so many other great matches out there that (might) look like Leo – if you’re lucky.