How to have the LEAST stressful commute ever

Sweating on the train or sweltering on the bus – not ideal experiences first thing in the morning. So instead here is the least stressful way to commute – cycling. It will make you fit and it’s quick and convenient. Plus now you don’t even have to worry about bike theft either. Carefree commuting is so chic, and possible, right now.

A clever bike designer from Belfast has just come up with the perfect solution to your cycling woes. The rechargeable See Sense ICON bike lights are what we’re talking about of course.

Paired with a useful companion app, the nifty gadget tips you off if your parked bike is disturbed using built-in motion sensors.

Extra features include an automatic switch-off if you accidentally leave them on, reliable waterproof casing and an incredible 15-hour battery life. Pretty cool.

The bad news is the lights are currently just a mere Kickstarter project, but a very reasonable £74 investment gets you front and rear versions. Check it out.