How much is your CV ACTUALLY worth to your employer?

People don’t often think of their CV having a monetary value. Your skills transfer into opportunities more often than they do into a round figure salary. However, this new infographic from Stand Out CV can tell you exactly how much money your CV is worth, regardless of your industry.

Exactly how do you work out a numerical worth for a CV? By taking the UK’s average industry salaries and multiplying them by the average time people spend with their employers (4.6 years), the worth of a CV becomes apparent. Keep this in mind when you look at these numbers – you’ll need to divide them by 4.6 to see the annual salaries.

The infographic splits the industries into three categories: Junior, Experienced and Senior. From there you can see how much worth you stand to earn as an employer with each position in each industry.

Let’s play some hypotheticals: I’m a junior in the media industry. My CV, at least from my perspective, is probably worth less than the piece of paper I printed it on. According to this infographic, it’s actually worth £161,000! Obviously I can’t slide my CV to a bank teller and tell them to make a deposit but I think I’m starting to understand the point.

Across the 4.6 years, you won’t stagnate. You’ll develop as an employee and learn new skills that make you a more valuable worker to have. If you keep in mind that the more time you spend working on yourself, the more you’re worth – it should keep you motivated to strive to be the greatest.

Image credit: Stand Out CV

Image credit: Stand Out CV

Money always comes with time. As long as you don’t do anything drastic, success will come to those who deserve it. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but sooner or later, you’ll find yourself looking at the senior category of this graphic and saying: “that sounds about right”.