Take some CV inspiration from the rest of the world

It’s hard to know what CV inspiration to trust. The competitive nature of the job market and influx of online profiling means that the trusty CV doesn’t hold as much pretence as it used to. With thousands of career websites giving out similar tips and everyone capitalising on those, it’s hard to know where to look for direction.

We’d suggest looking outside of your peers and online habits to the rest of the world. Sure, you need to the cater for your industry but there might be a certain feature you’ve been missing on your CV that could set you apart from the rest – it’s especially helpful if you plan on working abroad any time in the future.

This fantastic infographic from Enhancv deconstructs of how CVs differ from all over the world. Maybe you’ll find a layout that suits your style and personality. Maybe you’ll find no CV inspiration but it’ll be an interesting read anyway.

Here are some interesting features of worldwide CVs that you might not ever have thought of:

  • In Germany, having more than two pages on your CV is fully encouraged. Also, periods of unemployment must be explained. You can’t pray that your interviewer might skip over that part of your history.
  • In Spain you actually have to photocopy and attach all copies of your degree and qualification certificates. It feels like, in the UK, we are too trusting in this regard.
  • Because it’s very illegal for American employers to base hirings on personal details, no photos, ages, nationalities or genders are explicitly included on CVs.
  • In Japan, a section of what we consider ‘interview questions’ is included in the CV. Additional information like reasons for wanting to join, commuting time and dependents are encouraged on applicants’ submissions.
  • In Australia, a CV must be up to five pages long!

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Image credit: EnhanCV