One man’s CV was so amazing, he became a GQ intern without an interview…

Having a CV that sticks out really matters in the job application process. Think about the desk or, more time specifically, an employers desktop. Think how many people are applying for the same job as you, seeing as you found the job and applied for it – it means there’s a lot. This one designer cut out the competition and became a GQ intern but embracing the brand like no-one else.

We talk a lot about creative CV solutions. We’ve discussed a range of video CVs, rap CVs and using design tropes to pull off impossible PDF feats. Last week we showcased the designer that turned a Photoshop screenshot into a CV. Now, someone has come along as raised the bar, again, for impressive and creative CV designs.

Sumukh Mehta of Bangalore, India has been making professional CVs for global professionals for a while now. Eyeing up an internship at GQ in London, Mehta put some of his skills to personal use.

Instead of just mirroring the style of the magazine, Sumukh turned his CV into an actual 20-page magazine complete with features about his accomplishments, life and education.

Check out these screenshots from Mashable below of this incredible work:

gq intern

Image credit: Sumukh Mehta

GQ intern

Image credit: Sumukh Mehta

Image credit: Sumukh Mehta

Image credit: Sumukh Mehta

Look how on point that design is! Swing by Mehta’s Facebook post to see the full version and his blurb. He write: “It took me more than three weeks to make this resume including photo shoots, graphic designing and content writing”. A lot of work to become a GQ intern, no?

The Editor-in-Chief of GQ UK offered an internship to Mehta without even asking for an interview. At time of writing, the marketing GQ intern-to-be is in London getting himself settled.

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