Easy Ways To Keep Up To Date On Current Events When You’re Super Busy

A huge 91% of people age 15+ consume news brands across print and online. That’s a vast majority of people being exposed to current event articles across the country. However, the way the internet is revolving, informative content is disposable and worth a glance. Because of this young people are feeling alienated from the current events occurring around them.

Now more than ever, we need to be consuming as many perspectives as we can. The world is divided and understanding is the key to unification, this starts with awareness.

We should all try a little harder but it’s not entirely our fault. Information comes and goes faster than ever on the internet. Couple that speed with the unreliability of sources and current events become harder to keep on top of.

On top of this, young people just don’t trust media outlets; you can understand why considering the litany of corruption stories in recent years.

But we shouldn’t be so cynical. We should all try harder, be more discerning and create our own perspectives on the events of the world we live in. Don’t let the internet ruin your understanding of current events, use it to keep on top of them even when you’re crazy busy.

1. Wikipedia’s current events

If you don’t mind checking sources, Wikipedia’s current events page is an incredibly simple way to read up on all the events from today to the beginning of time (well, not that far).

2. Daily summaries

Most news outlets worldwide have an hourly summary that updates throughout the day filling you in on all the day’s happenings. You can consume most of the summary into 5-10 minutes with your earphones in. The BBC’s hourly bulletin runs through the daily headlines and is great to have playing in your ear when the work is slow.

3. Curate your social media feeds

Social media profiles are more customisable now than they’ve ever been. People don’t, but if you wanted to get rid of the thousands of animal videos and bigoted views from your news feed in exchange for honest to goodness news articles – you could.

4. Flipboard

“Your Personal Magazine” promises the landing page of this app/site and it’s about an accurate description. By collecting and subscribing to sources you can curate your own news or at least the news that matters to you. Because you’ll be receiving overlaps of information from numerous sources you can stamp out any bias or misinformation.