CRISSCROSS: the DIY furniture range, designed by a graduate, giving IKEA a run for their money

The sustainable furniture market seems cornered by the Swedish giant known as Ikea. Well, until CRISSCROSS enters the fray. Designed by Falmouth graduate, Sam Wrigley, the easily moved and modular furniture has only just launched on Kickstarter! Now is the time to get in on the ground floor!

The inspiration behind this creation is the pain and effort it takes to move furniture. CRISSCROSS is designed to totally to your life rather than the other way around. Because of its design, you can create pieces of furniture that fit your space perfectly.

We caught up with founder Sam to talk all things past, present and future for CRISSCROSS.


Image credit: Instagram – @Crisscrossfrn

1. Tell us about CRISSCROSS Furniture – How did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the initial idea for CRISSCROSS in my final year of university. Having moved every year for the past five years I’ve grown pretty tired of assembling, disassembling and lugging traditional flat-pack furniture. Coming from a design background, I thought I’d create something that would make the process of moving a little easier and more enjoyable.

2. What makes your brand and concept different to what’s on the market already?

Whilst there are many different furniture ranges that try and simplify the moving process, we think they miss a fundamental point. What happens when you no long need that piece of furniture? Our lives are constantly changing—and so are our needs—yet our furniture is stuck serving the same old purpose. We think furniture should be able to adapt and change to suit the individual—wherever they go.

That’s why, when you no longer need a piece of our furniture, you can take it apart and use the same pieces to build something else. Whether you’re moving in with your partner, doing a stint aboard, or starting a family, CRISSCROSS will always fit your life perfectly.


Image credit: instagram – @crisscrossfrn

3. How important do you think a design qualification is in your industry? Is it essential?

4. What are your plans for the business?

We’re currently working on lots of exciting things. We’re designing a whole range of add-ons that’ll help make CRISSCROSS even more customisable. Things such as hooks, rails, draws and much more. Ultimately, we want to create a whole range of products that’ll make people’s lives a bit easier and hopefully more enjoyable.