Five Ways To Control Your Anger In The Workplace

We’ve all been there. A combination of waking up on the wrong side of the bed and an unfortunate chain of mild annoyances is enough to bring you to boiling point. While at home you could scream into a pillow or break something, work demands a higher level of professionalism.

Here are five ways to control your anger in the workplace!

1. Watch for early signs

Unless you get Incredible Hulk style vein palpitations, you’re the only one who can identify the early signs of your anger. Learn to stop the more nuanced signs like leg fidgeting and short answers. Your natural instinct might be to respond angry but it’s not necessarily the right response.

2. Picture yourself when you’re angry

Imagine how stupid you must look when you’ve got your rage on. Red-faced, you sputter your words and look fearful. Yep, 99% of people look more embarrassing than frightening when they’re angry at work.

3. Remember the last time you were raging

Putting a halt to any runaway anger is all a matter of perspective. Remember the last time you were raging and think about how the situation revolved itself. Overreacting didn’t solve the problem then, and it won’t now.

4. Laugh at the situation

Anger is a byproduct/cousin of helplessness. The lack of control turns frustration into anger very quickly. All you can¬†really¬†do (that won’t result in disciplinary action) is laugh at the situation – even if you’re laughing at yourself!

5. If you start to anger, stop what you’re doing

Anger snowballs very quickly. The more aware of how angry you’re feeling, the more angry you become. If you feel your blood start to boil (see point 1) then get up and walk away from your desk. Distract yourself with your phone or do some breathing exercises. No desks need to be flipped.