8 things to consider before accepting that job offer

It’s finally happened. Your dreams have come true and you’ve just been handed that golden job offer. It’s almost too good to be true, but it is true! Now for some champagne, no?

Hold your horses, not so fast. There’s a hoard of things you need to think about before signing that dotted line. Here’s what to consider before you accept that job offer.

1. Workload

Is it going to be worth it? That’s the first question you need to ask yourself. It’s all well and good securing the job, but if the company’s expectations are unrealistically high, and you’re going to be unhappy from stress and exhaustion. Maybe it’s better to look elsewhere…

2. Career progression

Is this position a platform from which to launch yourself higher? If that’s a no, and it’s not already your dream job, then reconsider accepting. A stable job is good for a while, but you’ll soon get stuck in a rut, and your happiness will suffer as a result.

3. Salary

This one’s obvious. If they’re trying to take advantage, don’t play ball. Unless of course you’re willing to accept less to do a job you totally love. But still, negotiate higher!

4. Benefits

It’s always a good feeling when there are perks of the job you can (ab)use. Whether it be free stuff or complimentary tickets, have a little check to see what’s on offer.

5. Location

Obviously you’ll have thought about this before you even applied, but just in case you were so desperate for a job offer then that you went a bit mad. A five hours round-trip commute is exactly realistic.

6. People

A good idea might be to ask if you can come in and meet the staff before you sign your life away. Or at least take notice when you visit for the interview. If you find the office atmosphere to be truly awful then you can make a quick exit, no questions asked.

7. Treatment

No one wants to work for a tyrant, or give their 9 to 5 to a company that doesn’t treat them well. So ask around first. Maybe you’ve got a friend who used to work at your potential new office? Or someone who still does? It’s just a precaution, after all.

8. Yourself

Not to get too philosophical here, but we often think a lot about the job offer and take ourselves out of the equation. Are you accepting the job because you’ve convinced yourself it’s the right call or does it make objective sense? Take a step back and try to examine the situation as if you weren’t in your own shoes.