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The company that gave every woman a pay rise…

A report that was published a few months ago revealed that women, on average, can lose up to £300,000 across their working lives due to the pay-gap. This obviously isn’t on, a monumental pay rise needs to happen, and soon!

According to The Guardian, figures show a gap of £5,732 on average between the annual salaries of women and men. Over a career of roughly 52 years, that already huge gap that can extrapolated to show that women are susceptible to losing a total of £298,064 across their lifetimes.

One London company says that they have found a way to tackle the gender pay problem called ‘The Pay Gap Tax’.

As the BBC report, Sophie Newton, the director of Brainlabs, is proposing this tax that’s paid to every woman in a company by looking at the disparity between men and women’s pay and then giving women the difference regardless of performance or position.

In Sophie’s company, all women were given an 8.6% raise. Dealing with the criticism that this is unfair on men Newton said: “women have been facing issues for centuries and only now are people starting to talk about how to make the workplace a much more equal and safe environment”.

At this point, as you might have guessed, there has been a lot of backlash from the online community from both men and women:

One Youtube commenter made the point that it creates more problems in that there’s a lack of incentive to work hard for both genders and pushes the inter-employee division even further. But, a word to the wise, you should avoid these comment sections at all cost!

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