20 tips for communicating better in the office

I remember how I learned that humans were social creatures. Funnily enough, I didn’t come to understand it through natural conversation, I figured it out after hours and hours of playing The Sims. By age 9 I had a full handle on my Sim family, they were content – well, mostly. Their communicating meter was dangerously low all the time.

I didn’t understand how important it was for my pixelated family to socialise with other beings. While the effects of loneliness is real life are far more adverse than in the 2000 PC game, the lesson stands.

Since the office is like a microcosm society, communicating should be number one on the old priority list. NetCredit have created this amazing infographic that shares 20 ways for communicating better at work.

They begin: “When it comes to workplace communication, conversing comes with the territory – but that doesn’t make it any less challenging, especially if you need to have a tough talk”.

As well as day-to-day tips for keeping in touch and managing your contacts, the graphic runs down what the best course of action is for having to communicate some bad news.

Here are some of our favourite tips from the graphic:

  • Keep emotions in check: don’t discuss important issues when you’re very angry and unhappy. Keep your cool, think about problems logically and walk away if you have to.
  • Ask for a recap: don’t be a weirdo about it but by slipping in some response cues, you can ensure your colleague understood what you meant.
  • Don’t interrupt: this sounds simple but we all have a tendency to start blurting a thought out as soon as it arrives in our heads. Focus on what you’re being told before trying to come up with a response.
  • Body language: We don’t need to tell you twice.


Image credit: Net Credit