The 10 commandments freelancers need to remember

The life of a freelancer is a confusing whirlpool of self-assurance and ubiquitous anxiety. No-one can say when or where the next pay-check is coming but sure enough, if you work hard, it will come eventually. Whether you’re a writer, designer or programmers – freelancers need to stick a set of rules or ‘commandments’ in order to keep their lives together.

Think about how you function on a sick day.You amble around your flat or house, making mess, disorganising your life and then collapsing onto your barely-made bed for the rest of the day. This is just a simulation of one day in the life of freelancers.

There needs to be something to keep the order and that’s what these ten commandments from DesignTaxi aim to do. See five of them here or scroll down to see their handy infographic with all the pertinent information.

1. One should not forget to take care of personal hygiene  

When there’s a deadline on the horizon and the pressure is on, some parts of your life will slide out of place. Don’t let your hygiene be one of them. You can be stressed and tired without being stinky, too.

2. One should remember that flexible working hours does not mean a shorter one

The temptation to knock off work the same time as everyone else despite starting three hours later is very real. No-one would know you were even gone, right? Well, yeah, however, laziness always comes to get you in the end,

3. One should manage time properly

Having a larger window to get life stuff done means that you need more willpower to make sure you actually turn up to meetings you have to go to and doing work.

4. One should not forget to take a break

When you’re on a hot streak on your project, working for 3 hours+ is a real possibility. However, this isn’t conducive with a balanced working life. Remember to walk away from your desk occasionally and take regular breaks.

5. One should remember to socialise with other humans

Don’t fulfil the shut-in loser stereotype freelancers have to live with!


Image credit: DesignTaxi