Five Ways To Combat Burnout And Overwhelming Stress

If you have lost the motivation to carry out most of your every-day tasks or have been exhausted for quite a while in your office, you may well be experiencing job burnout.

The symptoms can include decreased motivation, ease to anger, an inability to find purpose, loneliness and an increased dependency on substances. Luckily, burnout is easily treatable.

As you’re probably aware, Kanye West was hospitalised for sleep deprivation and serious degradation of his mental health. For those of you that choose not to research beyond the trashy headlines that condescend his ‘rants’, Kanye is one of the hardest working people in the music industry and cares more than anyone about his product, his fans.

The callousness we’ve seen on the internet directed at the artist is hugely disappointing. Have some empathy for a person just like us going through a tough time.

West strives to create and, while occasionally saying the wrong thing, we should support him because he’s a human being. One that brings joy to millions of people across the world.

Kanye’s taking a rough turn but learn from the mistakes he made that led him to a dangerous burnout. Look out for your mental health, spot destructive behaviours and ask for help when you need it.

1. Self-Praise 

If you complete a complex task and receive no recognition, you are less likely to put in the same effort next time around. Take time to reward yourself for your own accomplishments. This can be anything form a quick break from your desk, a small pick-me-up treat or even a fun activity after work.

2. Take Back Control 

Get organised – make a realistic plan to carry out or a short list of goals you wish to achieve at work. Ticking things off will improve your motivation for performing these tasks and make you feel more in control.

We hope your burnout isn’t like this!

3. Break-it-down 

Large tasks can seem daunting. It can be better to break it down into smaller and more manageable steps. For example, if you have a report to write, break it into sub-sections and tackle one at a time.

4. Ask for Help 

There is no shame in admitting when you are feeling overwhelmed. In fact it is better to be upfront. If your boss has overloaded you with work, let them know you could do with an extra pair of hands; or if the task you are assigned is way-beyond your comfort zone, ask for some starting pointers to get you going.

5. Time for a Change? 

If the above steps do not help, perhaps a new job will make you happier. However, before making the change, ask yourself what it is that you most dislike about your employment – is it the tasks you perform or the job situation as a whole? In answering this you should be able to determine whether it is your job or your career that you need to change.