The Nine Cliques That Make Up Every Office

There are just some people that so perfectly match certain stereotypical attributes in the office, that they deserve to be recognised. Without them, we wouldn’t have those dynamics that we secretly seek comfort in. Office cliques are inherent to the working environment and we’d feel lost without them.

We hate to love that Marmite relationship we have with some of our work colleagues because they’re still making you feel bad about your job performance. Here are the nine most common cliques every office seems to have.

The Monday Dieter

After an exhausting weekend of chocolate treats and pints of Pinot, this clique has a collective diet that starts on Monday again. That’s until the office snacks arrive and it becomes a “I’ll re-start next week” job again, again (again).

The TV Box-Setters

It’s a new month and a new series has made its debut on BBC 1 or Netflix. Sometimes it might just be easier to watch these box sets in order to avoid missing out on what’s always portrayed in conversation as some seriously juicy drama.

The Workaholics

More annoying than the ‘lazeaholics’! Upon arriving into work, they’re already powering through their unread e-mails and still pounding away at their laptops when you leave, making you feel guilty for not doing more. Do they ever go home?!

The Busy Un-Productives

The ones that always claim to have 101 things to do and seem constantly busy, but that list never seems to subside and they don’t appear to actually get anything done. What are they doing?!

The Live TFL Updater

Thank you but we get it, the London Overground is part suspended again!

The White Rabbit

With all manner of devices that they own to show them the correct time, yet they’re still flying into the meeting at 50mph. Better late than never, eh?

The Tupperwear Enthusiast

We envy your organisation and motivation to be far healthier than the rest of us. We really do. But why do they always have to choose the smelliest choice of lunch.

The Gossiper

The one we go to to find out the most exaggerated and latest update to why Susan got sent to visit the floor above. We’re sure these people must secretly bug the office to know as much as they do about everything and everyone. This is by far the most prominent of the cliques.

The Bragger

While you’re busy planning how best to prepare your dinner and evening on the sofa in front of the TV tonight, they’re left telling you how much they’re going to get done to ensure they’re left on top of things.