Check out the top 10 highest paying jobs of 2015

The Office for National Statistics released their annual survey yesterday that revealed the highest paying jobs of 2015.

Their yearly Survey of Hours and Earnings has revealed few surprises, with brokers and CEOs taking the top spots. In third we see marketing directors, who have risen four places since 2014’s list.

Whereas aircraft pilots were ranked highest in 2014, this year they have fallen to fourth place, and similarly air traffic controllers have gone from being third in 2014’s list to ranking at ninth this year. Similarly, senior police officers, who were eight last year, have since fallen from the top 10.

Check out the top 10 highest paying jobs of the year below and see the full round-up here.

1. Brokers – £128,231

2. Chief executives and senior officials – £122,967

3. Marketing directors – £89,933

4. Aircraft pilots – £87,474

5. Financial managers and directors – £82,565

6. Financial institution managers and directors –  £80,755

7. Medical practitioners – £80,628

8. Legal professionals (except judges, barristers and solicitors) –  £80,578

9. Air traffic controllers – £77,220

10. IT directors –  £70,971

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