6 tiny changes that will makes a huge difference to your weekday health

Living in a world full of science, with the ever evolving myths and facts that circulate our headlines, we’re constantly being told of the food and lifestyle habits that could be detrimental to our weekday health. Not that we probably couldn’t have already guessed that sitting around doesn’t do us too much good, but it’s been recently headlined that sitting at an office desk all day can be more, if not, just as damaging, as what smoking can be.

Words: Katie Brown

In our constant bid to remain healthy and implement the appropriately recommended lifestyle changes, why not try these easy, fun, potentially competitive office tactics, to help eliminate the rumours that office workers just sit, drink tea and eat bite-sized treats all day and get your weekday health game on point.

1. Work for a sip

We are all entitled to a few cuppas each day, whatever your profession, but why not leave your tea/coffee out of arm’s reach so you have to forcefully stretch, engage the core or migrate away from your desk to enjoy it. Who knows, it might make each sip more satisfying, feeling like you’ve truly earned that mouthful!

2. Make a day of it

Create a different daily exercise that needs to be completed on the hour, every hour. Perhaps ‘Lunge Day, Monday’ or ‘Burpee Thursday’.

3. Stairs

Keep a tally of the flights of stairs taken each day by each employee. One floor = One flight = One point. Why not even make the person with the least points buy the round of drinks for the end of the week as an incentive? #Friyay

4. ‘Word of the day’

Put a new spin on ‘Word of the day’. You can make it as niche as you like, but any time the elected word is seen or heard during the day, make it your doing to stand up and take an inconspicuous walk around the office.

5. Umm…

Squat over the pot! Try grinding the glutes and fuelling the thighs to try to hover over the loo in the time it takes to empty your bladder. (Just remember to keep it clean…) The road to strong weekday health is paved with unorthodox methods.

6. Work for a bite

Going out for your lunch hour? Why not take the next coffee shop along, adding a few extra steps to the Fitbit. A perk of London has surely got to be the overwhelming competition between the Costa, Starbucks and Nero, located in closer proximity to one another than the people on the daily commute.