5 challenges to awaken your creativity

Creativity is like any other muscle. It needs to be worked on, cultivated and fed the right nutrients in order to grow and develop. Likewise, if you neglect it or refuse to nurture it on a regular basis, all your progress will eventually fade. I’m not sure if ‘creative atrophy’ is a phrase but we’re making it one right here.

This infographic from Write My Essays details some tried and tested ways of awakening one’s creativity. It reads: “for most people, creative thinking does not come easily. But – just like a muscle (eh) – the more time you spend actively engaging your creative mind, the more likely you are to produce exciting and innovative ideas”.

There are some startling differences between creative levels at age 5 and age 44. For example, on a daily basis, the average five year old will undertake 98 creative tasks as opposed to the two tasks undertaken by the middle-aged person. Similarly (this one is quite depressing), the average primary school kid will laugh 113 times, the adult, 11. What a drab state of affairs!

So apart from not taking ourselves too seriously, what else can be do to boost our creativity as miserable older people?


You’ll recognise this one from secondary school. The objective is to get over the fear of a blank page while generating ideas both huge and small. The exercise isn’t meant to provide solutions to all your problems but rather get the stream of consciousness cogs turning.

Mindful Movements

We can tell you a thing or two about mindfulness! The objective of this exercise is to slow down your thoughts for long enough to quieten your rational mind. The constant whirring of your mind can distract you from generating genuine, creative ideas.

Do The Opposite

Routine is great for motivating yourself to take action but when the action isn’t fruitful, something needs to change. Going against your typical responses will enable you to examine things from an alternative perspective.


Image credit: WriteMyEssays