4 careers from the future that exist NOW

“The future is now”. Go away, no it’s not. The future is in the future, that’s why it’s called the future. The kind of people who say the future is now are the kind of people that believe that you can get a job as an ‘augmented reality architect’ in 2016 – wait, you can do that. Okay, I was wrong, the future is now.

Moore’s law dictates that, as far as we can observe, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. Did I lose you? Basically, technology is evolving at an exponential rate because we are building technology at a rate that means that every year it’s easier to innovate new technology.

And it has to be someone’s job to regulate and utilise this technology. We call these ‘future jobs’ and you can apply for them in the present, report Mashable! That’s the ideal graduate job then!

1. Certified UAV pilot

An UAV stands for Unmanned Automatic Vehicles or, more commonly referred to outside of the Call of Duty community, drones. You don’t even need to enlist in some sort of armed force either. These flying do-dads are opening up a huge potential in industries like packaged goods delivery and spelunking research (I made that one up).

2. 3D-printed clothing designer

Fashion is hardly the most economical or ethically stable industry to work in but in recent years, 3D-printed designs have appeared on runways all over the world. This opens up affordable and morally acceptable manufacturing possibilities for larger companies.

3. Smart city urban planner

If you’re anything like me (which, for your sake, I pray not) you spent an unlawful amount of time on SimCity and Roller-coaster Tycoon in the early noughties. Well, in the today/future, city planners use similar tech to design infrastructure that deals with traffic, environment, energy sources and expansion. All things the great city of Willopolis had perfected back in 2004.

4. Smart Meter Test Lab Manager

A big old title for a job that will become increasingly popular in the next few years. Smart tech is no longer just restricted to our phones, watches and, for some people, kitchens – it’s everywhere. In fact, the UK has seen the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) roll out smart gas meter technology to all homes on a national scale.

Hooray for the future!