5 career lessons we can learn from Tinder *shudders* ?

Once upon time, back in 2012, when Tinder was just a new-born app, it promised a brighter, more connected future. People were meeting and having genuinely exciting dates through a new channel, albeit a shallow one. However, over time, the Tinder-verse was soiled by misogyny and curious monogamists stepping over their bounds. Cut to now. What even is Tinder good for?

Well, you probably won’t believe this, but many sales workers are being inspired by the dating app. Taking tactics from a hook-up software has never been done before and probably won’t be commonly practiced but, if it’s successful, it’ll forever fall into the category of business strategies deemed “so crazy it might just work”.

Here are five career lessons you can learn from using Tinder (for better or worse as advised by Entrepreneur).

1. How to optimise your profile

You probably will be familiar with the whole profile re-vamp from using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc but Tinder is a lot more unforgiving when it comes to profile mistakes. Apply the same scrutiny to your professional profiles as you would your dating one, we bet you’ll find a whole mess of mistakes.

2. Don’t be pushy but forthright

The same tact you put into courting potential partners you should adopt into your business practice. Being creepy, too invasive and harassing with deal you a fat load of radio silence.


3. Go all in

By this I mean “be confident, believe in yourself and put yourself out there”, not “turn up outside your client/tinder person’s bedroom with a boombox”. There is always that fear of rejection but there are always more fish in the sea!

4. Keep the conversation going (even if time has passed)

One of the better design features of Tinder is the ability to revisit old conversations. The world of dating moves as fast as business so don’t feel slighted if you don’t get follow-ups. You can always extend yourself again rather than wait for them. The trick is to forget about coming across ‘too keen’.


5. Constantly adjust your tactics

In the same way you shouldn’t open every Tinder conversation with a generic pick-up line, you should treat every client or co-worker personally. Talk about their interests, their jobs and wider lives. Was I talking about Tinder or business? That’s the point!