10 career experts you NEED to follow on Twitter

In need of some workplace motivation? Or just want to fill up your Twitter feed with a load of inspirational tweets? Whatever your needs, these career experts have got you covered.

From edgy intern advice to job search extraordinaires here are our top nine picks of the career experts you need to be following on Twitter.

1. Lea McLeod

Lea is a real job search wizard, helping people find their ideal occupation and then showing them how to boss the competition once they’re there.


2. Leo Woodhead

Leo is a Guardian writer and careers adviser who literally knows everything about getting a job. His Tip of the Day and blogs are not to be missed.


3. Nick Newman

Founder and CEO of website CareersINFO Nick Newman is one for your Twitter list. His feed is packed full of useful info and insight into the world of work.


4. Susan P. Joyce (Job-Hunt.org)

Joyce heads up the team over at Job-Hunt.org and this handy twitter account publishes great content geared around the job hunt (duh!)


5. Linked In Pulse

This personally tailored job feed is a no-brainer. Curated based on your interests, connections and industry preferences it’ll provide you with a steady stream of fascinating content.


6. BrazenHQ

Brazen provides a lift to young grads looking to get their first job in a preferred industry. It’s a great leg up for those not sure how to break into a career.


7. J.T. O’Donnell

O’Donnell’s website CareerRealism groups together content from career experts, but that doesn’t mean she’s not super knowledgeable herself. Her tweets give a fascinating perspective on the job market and should not be ignored.


8. Dr Woody

An organisational psychologist (whatever that is) is Dr Woody’s day job, but he’s a bonafide expert on taking control of your career and making it what you want.


9. Lindsey Pollak

Best-selling author Lindsey Pollak is no slouch when it comes to providing top notch career advice. She also points out some pretty useful career events.


10. Jacquelyn Smith

The best channel for all the great content coming out of Forbes. What’s great about Jacquelyn is that she’s only recently graduated making her the ideal voice for young careerists.