You Need To Tick These Off Your Career Bucket List By The Time You’re 30

It’s ridiculous to me that people have a bucket list to prepare for them turning 30 – I still consider someone young until they’re 35+ so their doesn’t need to be a big fuss made of it. That said, a lot changes in your 20s, namely, most people get their lives pieced together from the splintered wreckage of graduate life.

I’ll never get behind pre-30 bucket lists but the majority of exciting career changes will occur in your twenties so having a bucket list for that, I can understand.

Business Insider polled a handful of career experts and asked them what every twenty year old needs to go through in order to have a fulfilling career. Not all of these are positive things because sometimes you need to go through tough times to emerge hardened and more prepared!

Here are seven things you should tick off your career bucket┬álist by the time you’re 30.

1. Quit a dead-end job

There is so much room now for independent support and not enough time to spend it at a job you hate. You don’t necessarily have to move to your dream job right away, but moving in the right direction is a must; even if you’re just taking baby steps.

2. Get fired

Conventional wisdom dictates that this is a bad thing. However, getting this stepping stone out the way in your 20s could shake you out of lazy habits and unrealistic expectations.

3. Become an expert in something

It doesn’t how big or small or even what it is, get yourself a specialist topic. You ideally want to be the ‘go-to’ person for something. “Avoid being a jack-of-all-trades’ and put the effort in early to become extraordinary at something”.

4. Send an email to someone you admire

If there’s someone who has inspired you throughout your career, let them know. They don’t have to necessarily work in your field or even your industry – showing your appreciation will make you feel good about your accomplishments too!

5. Teach

Otherwise known as ‘paying it forward’, the best thing you can do for those that are just starting their careers is imparting your knowledge. You don’t have to pack in your current job and start a teaching course but even stopping by your old university and leading a seminar could change someone else life.

6. Understand conflict

When you’re in your twenties, you’re always up for scrap. “Conflict is everywhere, so there’s no excuse not to learn to handle it”. However, knowing how to resolve issues and walk away from pointless battles requires maturity.

7. Realise that you’re only getting started

Eight years in and you’re already writing a bucket list?! Get out of here, you’re just getting started…