Calling all Jedi: Star Wars are hiring a load of new employees

Since The Force Awakens hit the big screen back in December, the whole world has been going Star Wars mad. The galaxy we considered to be far, far away has returned to the popular-culture sphere and everyone from casual watchers to avid nerds is beyond excited.

Since merchandise pedlars and iconic brand-demolishers, Disney bought the Star Wars franchise and LucasFilm back in 2012, the company has been undergoing restructures in all it’s departments and ethics, reports Project Casting.

LucasFilm features several different fields ranging from visual effects to animation, websites and video games. The structure of the company now depends on two people, Kathleen Kennedy as president who reports to Alan Horn that chairs Walt Disney Studios.

So you’re probably wondering, “where is the part where I can apply for a role as Chewbacca Jr?” Well, I’ll get to that.

Since Star Wars is now owned by Disney it means that the sanctity and anticipation of waiting for the next film across years is a thing of the past.

Disney plan on releasing at least one Star Wars film a year all of which will not be brilliant. As a result, Lucasfilm and Disney are in need of many employees to help them bleed this series for every galactic credit they can.

The company has posted a Death Star size list of job opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers, animators and creative talents across a huge amount of locations and departments. In addition to this, they are currently conducting open casting calls for future Star Wars movies.

Good luck with your applications, and may the force be with you.