Here’s Why *Everyday* Should Be ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’

In 1999, the most important national holiday was established, and that day was Take Your Dog To Work Day (the kids call it TYDTWD). Created by Pet Sitters International, the day encourages a more open attitude to shelter adoption but mainly it’s just an adorable excuse to bring your furry friends into the work place. Today it’s National Dog Day so that’s a good excuse as any to celebrate our hound companions.

Rumour has it that TYDTWD is actually keeping Instagram in business until ‘Bring Your Avocado Toast To Work Day’ takes off. Sometimes it’s just nice to bring your pup to the workplace because of the numerous (six or so) benefits!

1. Proven stress relievers

It’s straight science that says that hanging out with dogs will naturally decrease stress levels of people in their environment. It’s why so many university campuses are opening ‘puppy pens’ during exam seasons. If you know you’ve got a tense day ahead of you, a little fluffy companion is only going to make things easier.

2. You can show off your pun prowess

If you are planning on bringing your dog to work, you better have a couple of great dog/business puns up your sleeve. Here’s a few if you’re coming up short: Head of Barketing, Having A Ruff Day, Hounding A Co-Worker For Results, etc.

3. It will make you an efficient worker

Other studies suggest that office pooches have been linked to workers staying longer hours, making better time on projects and taking less days off if they have their dog by their side.

4. Less time on Facebook, more time moving around

It’s not entirely fair on your pup to keep them indoors all day doing nothing, especially if it’s a young dog. Instead of sneaking 15 minute Facebook sessions every hour, use that slacking time to stroll around the office with your mutt or play fetch at a local park.

Image credit: Instagram - @Ajclark82

Image credit: Instagram – @Ajclark82

5. Man’s potential worst enemy

Been looking to exact your revenge on Cerys in finance? Get your canine companion to pay her work space a visit with a full bladder or ‘accidentally’ give your pooch access to her spare trainers. We’re not saying it’s the right thing to do, it’s just one of many options.

6. You’ll always have an excuse

Want to get home early and miss the commuter traffic? “Fido needs to get home for his medicine”. Want a longer lunch? “Baxter needs a walk otherwise he won’t settle down this afternoon”. Dogs truly are the worker’s best friend.