Brexit rages on: Cameron’s 6 lies vs Boris Johnson’s 5 questions

The run-up to the EU referendum is reaching peak momentum and only now are people starting to realise how huge of a deal this whole Brexit malarkey actually is. We figured it’s our duty to try and walk you through the confusing elements of this whole debate.

We’ve already given you a brief overview and what might change your workers rights but now it’s time to tackle the two big representatives of the respective campaigns: David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

YouGov data shows that 78% of 18-24 year olds are voting to leave the European Union while an average 62% of over 50s are voting to leave. The age separation is pretty clear cut.


Image credit: YouGov

But we’re not here to talk about age politics, we are here to explain the campaigns developments between the Pro-Brexiters (Johnson) and Anti-Brexiters (Cameron).

Cameron’s six lies

A few hours prior to the register deadline for the referendum vote on June 23rd, Cameron took shots at the Leave campaign for resorting to a series of lies in order to strengthen their case.

These are the six leave campaign claims that Cameron is calling BS on:

1. The UK is currently liable for future eurozone bailouts

2. Britain’s EU rebate is at risk to change (the UK rebate reduces the UK’s contribution to the EU budget – think of it like a membership fee)

3. Britain has weakened its over to veto EU treaties

4. Britain cannot stop overall EU spending from going up

5. The British army is on a one-stop train to being part of an ‘EU army’

6. Leaving the EU would save Britain £8 billion.

So Cameron reckons all of the above is complete nonsense. He didn’t straight up call Brexit Campaigners Liar-Liars-Pants-On-Fires, but rather put these claims down to a lack of direct experience with dealing with the EU.

So how does this square up to the reasoning behind these claims? We looked into Boris Johnson’s five questioned dig at the remain campaign to find out.

Johnson’s five questions

In an attempt to both antagonise and pragmatise the remain campaign, Boris laid of a series of five questions (not really questions, more like prods) that remain campaigners need to ask themselves.

1. How can you possibly control EU migration into the country?

This wasn’t covered in Cameron’s lies because it’s no secret that fully controlling EU migration is near impossible with the freedom to move between member states. Cameron’s defence jumped on the fact that he limited benefits for migrants incentivising work over anything else.

2. How can you stop living wage being a pull factor for uncontrolled migration?

We can all agree that living wage is a brilliant concept and has undoubtedly done more good than harm. However, it seems that noone wants to tackle this question. Not Cameron, not Britain Stronger in Europe. Chalk this question up as a stalemate.

3. How will you prevent the European court of justice from interfering in immigration, asylum and human rights issues?

This is an issue that the average voter won’t have given much thought to, and that’s okay. The complexity of the EU courts is far beyond the pay-grade of your average campaigners. However, in response to this question the remain side have put up their blinders and focused on the economic issues over those of sovereignty.

4. Why did you give up the UK veto on further moves towards a fiscal and political union?

This is actually one question that aligns with one of the lies Cameron claims the Brexit campaigners have told! The prime minister said in response to this claim that there is nothing in the EU renegotiation that relinquishes the UK’s veto – so everybody just chill out.

5. How can you stop us from being dragged in, and from being made to pay?

This is a parroting of the previous question and deals with the rebate concern that Cameron labelled a fat lie.

This whole situation is a hot mess but only you can make a difference by going out to vote on June 23rd. The Brexit vote registration is now closed but hopefully you have registered!