These Signs Might Tell You Whether Your Boss ACTUALLY Hates You

Being a young person in a large office can sometimes feel daunting. As such, we tend to victimise ourselves and sometimes centre the politics and the way we’re treated around our age. This is on us more than anything. However, the paranoia of feeling like the boss hates you in consistent in every employee of every company.

We all want to be liked and it’s easy to dismiss someone who is indifferent as a ‘hater’. This is the behaviour of a very petty person. If someone genuinely doesn’t like you, you probably want to amend that and show them that you’re actually not all bad – especially if it’s the boss.

Here are seven signs that your boss might hate you (emphasis on might)

1. You’re not involved in key decisions

You might find that there are certain emails with your boss that you’re not Ccd in. This is a classic pointer that they either don’t respect your opinion or you should swing by their office and subtlety input your email into their address book.

2. Other people notice that you’re being micromanaged

If it feels like you’re always being picked on, that’s not enough to say that your boss hates you for sure. However, if someone else approaches you to say that they think you’re being micromanaged or pushed out, then you have a problem on your hands.

3. Body language

Watch for crossed-arms, eye rolls, concave postures and tight grips on sharp objects. Body language is a subconscious broadcast of how you truly feel about someone!

4. Closed doors

If it’s just you and them, the ‘open door policy’ is quickly dissolved. Notice how they welcome them you into the room to. Do they stand? Make eye contact? These things matter!

5. They’ve never asked anything about you

How much can you say your boss actually knows about you without you having told them? If they’ve never asked anything about you.

6. No feedback

They don’t give you any feedback because they don’t really care how you improve as an employee. Okay, that’s harsh. But if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough feedback, they might be playing favourites.

7. You’re told

Highly unprofessional but if they feel compelled to tell you that they straight up don’t like you, it might 100% be your fault.

Sorry, you might be intolerable.