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6 ways to boost your confidence in the workplace

Suffering from that back-to-work nervousness? Worried if you’ve forgotten how to do your job after that long holiday off? Well confidence is one of the most important aspects of being successful, but it can be easily shaken by anything from a setback at work to a bad breakup. Seeing as we spend, seemingly, our whole lives at work – the knock-on effects compound at the office.

And that’s just not on. You can be sad and sluggish on your own time; work should be a self-contained area for small-talk and the promise of money. Elite Daily have made a great video with six great tips for boosting your confidence in the workplace.

They say: “You’ve heard confidence is the hinge on the door to success, right?

If not, mull it over. Who scores a date on a Friday night? The guy who sits back and thinks about talking to that cute girl at the bar or the one who actually does it? I think you know the answer to that one.”

“If you’re identifying with the guy who thinks about talking to the girl, and you think you could use a little confidence boost, I have good news for you: That timid nature of yours is about to be yesterday’s news.”

Here are the six best tips from Elite Daily’s confidence video:

  • Develop a morning routine: grooming rituals can be temporary confidence boosters and the confidence they inspire is itself attractive.
  • Dress powerfully: Wearing clothing that you personally associate with power will make you feel more powerful.
  • Tunes: Listening to bass-heavy music can make you feel more confident and sure of yourself.
  • Smile, for god’s sake: A confident smile can be more attractive than good looks.
  • Gestures: Your hand gestures can actually make you believe your own words more strongly. It also sends a message to the world that you can karate chop fiercely if it ever came to that.
  • Socialise: Being around others helps bring you out of a negative head space and relieves you of any anxiety you may be experiencing.