Columnist and blogger Lara Lain: 7 things you’re guaranteed to see before 7am on Bondi Beach

Lara Lain left her glitzy career in the media behind in January 2014 to go and work abroad. She bought a one way ticket to Thailand…and ended up going around the world twice, visiting over 10 countries, working in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and volunteering in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup on route.

Lara had worked at LOOK magazine for four years and left a life she loved in London to pursue a world of the unknown. She wants to inspire others to follow their heart – if she can do it anyone can! Lara currently writes from her apartment overlooking Bondi Beach, her little haven which she considers her ‘ultimate dream’.

Does the thought of waking up at daybreak make you wanna marry your bed? Living with Bondi Beach on your door step doesn’t conjure quite the same fear. Far from it! Here’s what I see before the rest of the world wakes up…


Image credit: Lara Lain

1. A sunrise like no other

Coming up over the cliffs of North Bondi, it is never the same and always beautiful. Pinks, blues, oranges – every day I want to be a part of it.

2. The best running track in the world

Famous, fresh sand instead of a pavement? I know where I would rather be clocking up my miles.

3. My ideal body

To be honest I am really grateful for my body, especially now I’m super fit. But there’s no denying seeing straight up 11/10’s everywhere makes me think ”Wow! She looks amazing!” about 65 times before breakfast.

4. My future husband(s)

As the girls are perfect, so are the guys and no one is complaining about either. Mornings always feel better after seeing your ideal man on a postcard sprint past.

5. Health

People of all ages, shapes and frames are working out. Running, walking, boot camping, yoga’ing, surfing with dolphins!. Bondi Beach promotes a healthy lifestyle and I really, really love it for that.

6. Paws you wish you could call your own

Big ones, little ones, puppies in fur jackets – dogs are spreading the joy wherever you look.

7. Smiles

Every so often you catch the eye of a delighted stranger or hear ”isn’t it beautiful?”. Those on Bondi Beach for sunrise are there to truly appreciate life. And what an amazing life we can lead!

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