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Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ explains why studying arts is as important as science!

In the UK we don’t have a Bill Nye equivalent. If you’re an internet user, which you should be if you’re reading this, you’ve problem seen the man’s head on various memes and posters. He represents logic in a chaotic world.

America has a knack for surfacing archaic beliefs like that the world is flat and that the moon landing was faked, Bill Nye is the vanguard that triumphs over such flagrant ignorance.

Bill Nye also takes part in a brilliant feature for the Big Think Youtube channel where he takes user submissions and answers burning science-ish questions. Such questions like “How do we prove that the world is flat?”, “How do I escape religion?”, “Should we throw our trash into space?” and “Does homosexuality make evolutionary sense?”

He answers using a number of disciplines: sociology, politics, geology, geography and, wait for it, the arts.

In this new video, one watcher asks whether studying arts is as important as the sciences or, as they call it in America, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineerings,  Mathematics).

The answer is short is yes, art really matters but the knock-on effects of this question touches a myriad of topics like the western educational system as well as the definition of art. So don’t fret if you’re struggling between a BA or a BSC, they both matter!

Here is what we learned:

  • Art and science have to co-exist because they are primary human endeavours.
  • A balanced education system is the only way to prepare the next generation for the future. And guess what? That means the arts too!
  • Even if you are going to become an artist, it’s still important to learn the process of science.
  • However, if you are pursuing engineering or the sciences. You still need to express yourself in the form of art. Art is what makes us people, after all!

Go for it!