5 best tools for teaching yourself InDesign

If you’re looking for any jobs in media, every job application seems to want you to know Adobe InDesign. And fair enough, it’s a popular┬áprogram. Illustrator and Photoshop are great for digital design (and there skills will be transferable) but a lot of young companies want InDesign expertise for print reasons.

For events and advertisers, knowing how to create and design goes a long way, even if it’s not 100% relevant to your job. Most of us wouldn’t have touched much publishing software during school so it’s these years that it’s crucial to teach ourselves how to use as many Adobe products as we can.

Here are five great tools for teaching yourself InDesign!


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1. Layers Magazine

As well as being a tip-top design magazine, their website has a whole host of tutorials on photography, filmmaking, photoshop and, oh wait, InDesign. Depending on how you learn best, there are text and video lessons which are constantly being updated to roll with the program’s updates!

2. Tips & Techniques

I’ll never know how Keith Gilbert got this web-title. Not the most exciting website in the world but all the information you need from installing InDesign to teaching it yourself is covered in a series of comprehensive courses.

3. Adobe InDesign Support

Why not go straight to the source? This is Adobe’s official support channel for the program. There are loads of easy to understand resources here and a large forum for any smaller, less common problems you might be having!


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4. Answers to reader questions on Indesign

This section of the Creative Curio blog has an in-depth guide to the software based on the most commonly searched problems people have been having with it. You should learn from your mistakes but it isn’t written anywhere that you can’t learn from others’.

5. InDesign Magazine

The name is reassuring but so is the rate that they update new content. Once you have a basic handle on the software, this is a great site to frequent to constantly be improving your skills!