6 best co-working spaces in London for freelancers

If you’ve been freelancing a while, regardless of how successful your ventures have been, you’re most likely sick of working from home. We’ve talked in the past about alternatives to working in an office but only touched on the option of co-working spaces. All in all, these are the ultimate resource for freelancers both in a team and flying solo.

Co-working spaces across the city allow creative types like yourself to work in peace, meet clients, collaborate with your team with some hubs even offering specialist start-up tools like advice centres and platform testing areas.

Some of these are free, some might be out of your price range, have a browse through our six favourite co-working spaces in London and give them a try!

1. Central Working

With a total of four offices to choose from across the city, their motto is “get things done better, faster, and seize new opportunities” which is the kind of sentence you’re, unfortunately, going to have to put up with if you choose to work at places like these.

co-working spaces

Image credit: Instagram – @centralworking

2. Club Workspace

These offices are better if you’re working with a more established brand or start-up. If you ask nicely (pay them) you can gain access to your own mailbox, locker and meeting room.

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Image credit: Instagram – @Clubworkspace

3. Huckletree

With a name as fun and spritely as Huckletree, the light and spacious offices will let you know you’re in the right place. The hub is designed for start-ups primarily and is committed to creating a sustainable working environment.

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Image credit: Instagram – @Huckletree

4. Port of Entry

If Huckleberry is too fluffy for you and you’re look for more edge in your co-working space, Port of Entry is the one. Located in the contemporary hub of Hoxton, Port of Entry provides a raw vibe for when you really need to knuckle down.

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Image credit: Instagram – @Portofentry

5. Rainmaking Loft

A space that knows how vital play is to productive work. Driven by a fun ethos, the Loft focuses on the early stages of tech start-ups accommodating long hours and the need to occasionally blow off steam.

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Image credit: Instagram – @Rainmakingloft

6. Techhub

Sharing space with Google Campus, this free space is in the heart of the UK’s biggest technology cluster. There are plenty of workshops and events all the time if you’re looking for extra inspiration.

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Image credit: Instagram – @techhublondon