Why being selfish will make you more successful (good news, then!)

Always putting your needs first, trusting your own judgement and being a sassy, independent woman – These are some of the qualities selfish people have that make them successful. Being selfish doesn’t mean being a spoilt diva. Focussing on yourself and your personal growth is VITAL in your quest for success

Here are five reasons why being selfish is good for your career.

1. You will grow

Being selfish means that you will spent your time focussing on yourself and your own growth as a person. What do you want to achieve? Success is a very personal thing, and you shouldn’t be worrying about what other people are doing. So what if one of your colleagues has just got a pay rise and you haven’t? Keep your head down, put your needs first and you are far more likely to reach your goals.

>2. You will be happier in your job and therefore more likely to succeed 

Thinking about other people can be a right pain. Helping others can lead to disapointment AND frustration. If you are selfish you will only think about your needs and goals so you will be more focussed. You will be happier because you will get more done and feel more productive at work.

3. You won’t blame others all the time

In the working world, a lot of challenges and problems arise. If you are a self-centered person you are less likely to blame other people. You will accept responsibility because you’ll know that you have taken charge from the beginning.

>4. You will be more confident

When you spend time treating yourself well you will start to value yourself more. Selfish people are influenced by their own voices and this will make you more confident and decisive. In turn this will make you more successful in your career.

5. You will know that you can rely on YOU

Valuing your independence will make you stronger mentally and therefore more successful in your work life. Nobody will ever look out for you the way you look out for yourself, it’s sad but true. So trust yourself, take care of yourself.