3 specialised job sites for the beauty industry

Hairdresses, beauticians, make-up artists, beauty PRs…how did they all find their jobs? Probably on these specialised career websites!

Here are three specialist job websites for you to find beauty industry jobs. Whether you want to go into beauty PR, or become a hair stylist, these are the best places to start looking.

1. Fashion Workie

This site is a go-to for all the coolest beauty jobs. With positions going at big luxury brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Dior, this is one website you have to head over to.

2. Get the Gloss

Get the Gloss is a trusted authority on all things beauty, and their job and careers section is genius. Advertised jobs include ones at beauty brands including Smashbox and skincare brands such as Pai.

3. Hair and beauty jobs

With jobs at Boots and Rush advertised on site, this is great for jobs including hair stylist positions and beauty therapist roles. With loads on offer it’s well worth a look.

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